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Technology and Applied Science

Applied Technology education is about becoming independent, connecting with others and taking actions towards preferred futures that support individual and family wellbeing. Applied Technology education promotes students' thiking, knowing, investigating, creating, communicating, participating and reflection skills.

The focus of our courses is to incorporate the use of technology through practical application in all subjects. Students participate in a range of activities with hands on experience.

Learning is enhance through the use of technology, tools, techniques and skills with various materials such as textiles, food, wood and metals. Students have an opportunity to develop and enhance their skills by working with graphics, model making, information communications, media, agricultural and computer technologies.

Assessments include practical and written tasks as well as portfolio style documentation, industry studies, project work and examinations.

Subjects offered include:-

Stage 4 - Mandatory Technology 

Stage 5 - Textiles Technology

              Food Technology

              Toddler Taming / Child Studies

              Industrial Technology Timber

              Industrial Technology Metal

              Information and Software Technology

Stage 6 - Community and Family Studies

              Design and Technology

              Entertainment (VET)

              Food Technology

              Hospitality (VET)

              Hospitality for Students with Special Needs (VET)

              Hospitality Extension (VET)

              Industrial Technology / Metals

              Industrial Technology / Timber

              Information Software Processes and Technology

              Information Technology (VET)

              Software Design and Development

              Textiles and Design

              Exploring Early Childhood