Chatham High School

Guudji Yiigu Nyura... Welcome All.

Telephone02 6552 2588

About our school

Chatham High School is a large and welcoming comprehensive rural high school which services the town of Taree and the Manning Valley. The school is built on the traditional lands of the Biripi people and is committed to meeting the needs of all its students and strengthening connections with the community it serves.

Partnerships with our neighbouring primary schools, as part of the North Manning Learning Community, enable the school to strategically plan and implement innovative approaches to student learning, engage parents and build on community support for students. The school also enjoys active partnerships with a number of university and tertiary education providers. A curriculum extension class (CHACE) is highly valued by parents, students and staff as a dynamic model for effective teaching and learning. Student leadership is an active and valued aspect of school life and enhances the positive perception of the school in the community. All students in Years 11 and 12 are able to access a curriculum in partnership with Wingham and Taree High Schools, broadening the HSC curriculum choices for students in all three schools.

The school has an experienced and dedicated teaching, support, administrative and executive staff, noted for their caring attitude to all students and their strong commitment to student learning and wellbeing. A large Support Unit provides a comprehensive range of educational services for students with specific needs. All students access a broad academic and vocational curriculum and participate in diverse cultural and sporting opportunities offered by the school to enhance student retention and attainment. The school’s sporting successes are underpinned by strong staff commitment to working with teams and individual students.

The motto of Chatham High School (as depicted on the school crest) is Semper Intrepidi, which is thought to mean 'ever undaunted', 'always intrepid' or 'forever striving'.

Vision statement

Chatham High School seeks to provide quality teaching and active learning in a supportive environment, developing responsible citizens with strong values and the essential skills to maximise their life outcomes.

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