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English - Stage 4 (Yrs 7 - 8)

The faculty seeks to consolidate and extend the English skills acquired in K - 6. Writing, reading set texts, wide reading, listening, speaking, viewing and representing film, media, and multimedia and drama are all features of the program.

The emphasis is on all forms of communication using a variety of texts so that each student develops a respect for and an enjoyment of both traditional and contemporary texts. ICT and drama knowledge, understanding and skills are developed during this stage. The study of Shakespeare is introduced to extension students. Across the year testing occurs in each year. Year 8 classes are organised at two levels, advanced and standard. Units ask a guiding question to help focus attention.

Curriculum Year 7

- Identity: how am I important to my world?

- Poetry: how are my thoughts and feelings communicated in poetry?

- The Hero's Journey - who and what are they?

- Media 1- Multimedia - how powerful is the media?

- Study of a Fiction of Text - how does characterization work in a novel?

- Drama: Celebrations - what's there to celebrate?

Curriculum Year 8

- Shaping Meaning in Poetry - 2: water, water everywhere ... ?

- Close Study of Fiction Texts - why do we tell stories?

- Drama: Script, Improvise, Perform - who me?

- Issues Through/In Film - how can I create images?

- Media 2 - Radio - is anyone still listening?

- Further Fiction Study - why is that necessary?