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English - Stage 5 (Yrs 9 - 10)

Students continue to develop and refine their skills in writing, reading, speaking, listening, viewing and representing. They further develop their skills in thinking critically and imaginatively through responding to and composing a wide range of increasingly complex texts in a range of contexts. Close study of Shakespeare commences. Year 10 students follow a common program and external assessment program. Classes are organised at two levels, advanced and standard.

Curriculum Year 9

- Shaping Meaning In Poetry - 3: what's a memorable Australian poem?

- Love and Romance (includes Shakespeare) - what makes a 'good' relationship and what can 'stuff' it up?

- Media 3: TV - is it such a powerful medium?

- Inspired and Inspiring - who inspires me?

- Satire - what's 'funny' about that?

- Survival - it's all about "survival of the fittest", isn't it?

Curriculum Year 10

- Conflict - how can we give 'peace a chance' and avoid conflict?

- Aboriginal Australia - how can we better understand Aboriginal Australia?

- Shakespeare - how is he still relevant?

- Mental Health - 'Mind Matters' - why does my mind matter?

- MAJOR WORK - why a Major Work?

- Change - why does my life have to change?

- School Certificate Exam - how can I improve my performance?

Year 10 Major Works Journal - Year 10 Major Works Journal (pdf, 264 KB)