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Non-local Enrolment

The enrolment ceiling for Chatham High School is currently 850. Additional staffing and building allocations cannot be made to the school unless local school enrolment exceeds this number.

Enrolment Buffer

An enrolment buffer exists to ensure late local and non-local applications to enrol can be accommodated. Vacancies may vary between year groups. The enrolment buffer of Chatham High School is currently 70.

Non-local Limit

A current limit of 50 non-local places has been negotiated for Chatham High School. Class size will determine if an application is to be considered.

Non-local Placement Panel

A non-local placement panel exists at Chatham High School. It consists of the school Principal (or delegate), a Parent Representative (nominated by the P&C) and a Staff Representative (elected by staff).

Criteria for Non-Local Enrolments

The following criteria have been agreed upon by the Placement Panel in consultation with staff and parent bodies. When making decisions affecting non-local enrolment applications at the school, these criteria will be used in order of priority, considered against the general wellbeing of the school's existing students.

1. change of residence

2. move from a non-government school

3. siblings already enrolled at the school

4. medical reasons

5. safety and supervision of the student before and after school

6. student welfare needs

7. particular educational programs and philosophies

8. structure and organisation of the school

9. the size of the school.

The Principal shall ensure that these criteria are applied equitably to all applicants. Parents will be provided with a written explanation of the decision, should they request it.

Waiting Lists

Waiting lists may be established for non-local applicants. Parents will be advised in writing if their child is to be placed on the waiting list and his or her position on it. Waiting lists are current for one year.


Appeals should be made in writing to the Principal. (The Principal shall provide assistance as appropriate to enable an appeal to be set out in writing.) The Principal will seek to resolve the matter. If unresolved at the local level, the School Education Director will consider the appeal and make a determination. The Director will determine, after consultation with relevant principals and school communities as necessary, whether the stated criteria have been applied fairly.

The Director can be contacted on 65917600.

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