Chatham High School

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Support Unit

The Support Unit provides a comprehensive range of educational programs and services for students with an intellectual disability. Some students have other associated disabilities i.e. physical, sensory, psychiatric and/or behavioural. All students have an Individual Education Program and/or Transition Plan designed in consultation with parents and other relevant agencies where appropriate.

The staff are committed to providing students with educational opportunities to achieve outcomes that will allow them to transition to a productive, useful and enjoyable life. This is achieved by students improving academic performance, being given access to a range of specialist subjects, involvement in whole school activities and participation in community-based programs.

Students are also given the opportunity to be competitive in athletics and swimming against their contemporaries by attending sports carnivals in Newcastle. Great results have been achieved both individually and as a school. Students exceptional efforts in academics, sport and citizenship are acknowledged in the usual way in front of their peers during the semester presentation evenings.

All students have the opportunity to attain ROSA and Higher School Certificate credentialling. Chatham High also has students with a range of physical disabilities enrolled in the mainstream. They are supported by School Learning Support Officers where needed and caring teaching staff.

Mrs Jen Sedgwick (Head Teacher)

  • Mrs Judy Bowman
  • Mrs Sandra Davy
  • Mr Terry Kouwenhoven
  • Ms Claire Lees
  • Ms Brook Polidano
  • Ms Donna Croker

School Learning Support Officers

  • Mrs Colleen Latimore
  • Ms Louise O'Neill
  • Ms Nardine Saville
  • Mr Peter Wilson
  • Ms Veronica Piper
  • Mr Marshall Andrews
  • Mrs Kay Blaney