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Mobile Phone Policy

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Mobile Phone and Communication Related Technology Policy 2023

The use of mobile phones and communication related technology to individuals is part of our everyday life. This widespread ownership of mobile phones and communication related technology among young people requires that school staff, students and parents take steps to ensure they are used responsibly. Whilst Chatham High School recognise that there are times when it is genuinely appropriate and useful for students to have access to a technological device, we have developed a learning culture which promotes on-task concentration and focus. When there will be a need for any devices to be used for learning, the school will provide the devices which will ensure that all students have access to technology and are able to learn in multi-modal ways. This policy is designed to ensure that potential issues are clearly understood, and conflicts avoided, enabling teaching and learning in a safe, respectful environment. 

Policy Statement

During school hours all mobile phones, earpieces and other communication related devices are to be OFF AND OUT OF SIGHT to ensure that we focus on our learning. This policy should be read in conjunction with the NSW Department of Education’s  Student Discipline in Government Schools Policy.

Before and after school 

Mobile phones and communication related technology may be used before and after school, however, all devices must be turned off at 8.55am and may be turned on at 3.20pm.  

During School 

Mobile phones must not be visible and should be kept in the students’ bag. Mobile phones must be switched OFF during the school time.

Exemptions can only be approved by the principal and only in exceptional circumstances.


Students must not take photographs or videos or recordings of other students or staff. They must not contact staff by phone unless given specific permission to do so on a particular occasion e.g. Overnight field trip where phone contact is required. Breaches of these rules are not only a serious matter under the school’s discipline code but could also breach legislation such as Children and Young Persons Care and Protection Act, Privacy Act and Workplace Health and Safety Act.

Headphones, iPods and other Electronic Devices - This policy includes headphones, iPods and other electronic devices which are not permitted at school.  

Note: It is a criminal offence to use a mobile phone to menace, harass or offend another person. Police may be informed.

Consequences for Improper Use

If a staff member witnesses a mobile phone being used contrary to this policy, then the teacher may invoke any of the following:

  • If they see a mobile phone or have a good reason to suspect a student is using a mobile phone during or between lessons including breaks, the staff member will ask the student to take their phone to the deputy principals who will lock the phone away for the remainder of the day and the student would be able to retrieve it from the front office at 3:20pm. 

  • If the instruction is disregarded or refused, the staff member will seek assistance from the Head Teacher or their supervisor. If the student chooses not to resolve issues in a positive manner with regard to safety, responsibility, respect and learning normal behaviour processes consequences will apply.

Failure to comply with Head Teacher instructions results in Deputy Principal intervention. 

Chatham High School accepts no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged devices.