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Mobile Phone Policy

The NSW Government policy on phones in Secondary Schools comes into effect Monday 9 October 2023.  Click on link for more information.


This policy should be read in conjunction with the NSW Department of Education’s policy statement Student use of mobile phones in schools ( and Student Behaviour (

Policy Statement

The use of mobile phones and communication related technology to individuals is part of our everyday life. This widespread ownership of technological devices among young people requires that school staff, students and parents take steps to ensure they are used responsibly. Consequently, we have promoted a learning culture that fosters on-task concentration and focus. Chatham High School acknowledges that there are situations when it is genuinely appropriate and beneficial for students to have access to technology. In instances where students require these devices for learning purposes, the school will provide them, ensuring equitable access to technology and enabling multi-modal learning. This policy is aligned with the Department's goal of promoting a safe and respectful teaching and learning environment by ensuring clear understanding of potential issues and the prevention of conflicts.

During school hours all mobile phones, earpieces and other communication related devices are to be OFF AND OUT OF SIGHT, “Off and Away and All Day”, to ensure the focus remains on learning.

These devices must not be visible or heard and it is therefore recommended they be switched off and kept in the student’s bag.

Exemptions can only be approved by the principal and only in exceptional circumstances. Please contact the school to enquire about applying for an exemption.

Smartwatches, Headphones, iPods and other Electronic Devices

This policy includes headphones, iPods, Smartwatches and other electronic devices which are not permitted at school. Smartwatches may be worn provided they are set to silent and have flight mode enabled.

Consequences for Improper Use

• If a staff member sees or hears a mobile phone, the teacher will direct the student responsible to take the phone to the deputy principals who will lock the phone away for the remainder of the day. The phone may be collected by its owner at 3:20pm. Parents/carers will be informed through Sentral.

Chatham High School accepts no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged devices.

• If a student is suspected of using a smartwatch or is wearing iPODs/headphones it will be assumed their phone is active and will again be directed to the deputy principals' office to hand their phone in.

• If the instruction is disregarded or refused, normal executive referral processes will occur. Continued refusal to follow the directions of staff may result in further consequence including possible suspension from school.